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Classification of tires for the purpose of operation


Summer tires are classified according to the purpose of use, which is confirmed by a certain marking on the sidewall of the tire. Below you can see the symbols of the most popular tires that are found in tire shops.

Classification of summer tires on purpose

Classification of tires by purpose summer tires are divided into the following types:

  • UHP – ultra high performance
  • L. s. — Road performance
  • ST – terrain sport
  • NT – highway landscapes
  • B – All locations
  • M/T – Mud Terrain

UHP – ultra high performance

Classification of summer tires UHP – ultra-high performance – super high performance tires. This type of tire is designed for luxury cars and high performance cars, for use on quality road surfaces. Ultra-high performance tires capable of withstanding high loads, top speed (300 km/h) and good handling at high speed. Undoubtedly, a set of UHP tires for any car, but you need to remember that initially these tires are focused on cars with sports and racing components, which are primarily important for reliability and safety of maneuvering at high speeds. UHP tires usually have a very rigid sidewall profile, which will transmit all the bumps in the road surface to the body and will not allow you to achieve comfortable movement in the city.

W/R – Highway Performance

Classification of tires for functions l. with. – highway performance high performance tires. High-performance tires suitable for use only in asphalt conditions, which differ from super high performance (HP) tires with a lower speed index (up to 240 km/h) and a lower price. In terms of performance, highway tires do not differ much from ultra-high performance tires, but are the most common and popular. L. s. tire (high performance) is designed for highway operation within powerful and sports cars capable of reaching high speeds. High performance tires are relatively inexpensive reliable tires, the second ultra high performance tires are only speed.

S/T – Sport Landscapes

Wheels classification CT accessories – Sport landscapes – sports tire modification. Sport tire modification (ST) differs from high performance tires (HT) and low speed and with less rigid sidewall tires, which allows you to move around the city and highway with the greatest comfort. Sports tires are a popular choice for many vehicles of various capacities that only operate on tarmac. Sports Tire Terrain will be an ideal option for urban environments, motorists with a dynamic driving style.

H/T – Highway Terrain

Classification of car tires NT – highway landscapes – car tires. Tires for use mainly on asphalt roads, however, the tread pattern allows the use of highway tires for driving in dry weather on dirt roads, for example, for driving into nature. Highway Terrain (HT) is the most versatile car tire for quiet, measured driving and occasional outings on dry dirt roads. Highway-marked tires on the ground are often seen in crossover and minivan configurations. Tires N / T (highway, off-road) means 80% operation on asphalt and 20% on dry terrain and soils.

A/T – All Locations

Rubber car classification according to – all-terrain – universal all-terrain tires. The most versatile tires that are designed for operation in the mode: 50% asphalt, 50% off-road. All terrain tires are a great fit for most off-road vehicles and will be a reliable solution for light off-road, dirt roads, sand, gravel, rocks and everyday city use. In addition to off-road qualities, any terrain has pretty good road properties that allow these tires to be used both in the city and on the highway. A/T tires have one-piece side panels, ride comfort, moderately aggressive tread, and a margin of safety that many 4WD owners will appreciate.

MT – mud

Classification of tires for passenger cars, M / T – mud terrain – specialized mud tires. Mud tires with a tractor tread pattern that is not adapted to drive on asphalt, their purpose is to track, clay, rocks, gravel, swampy terrain where dirt terrain is simply unmatched. M / T tires have pronounced lugs and a strong sidewall profile and maximum fanged depth in the sole, which allows you to feel confident on any road. If you use mud tires, mostly on asphalt, the tread wears out quickly after losing off-road capability. The speed index of these tires rarely exceed 160 km / h, have a high level of noise on the pavement, increased fuel consumption, but this is the best choice for driving on rough terrain.

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