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Fifth Dimension. Test Skoda Superb Combi


recently started selling the Skoda Superb Combi. A car with this type of body will be of interest primarily to active drivers, a burdened cottage and a large family. The combi is easy to place a couple of strollers in the closet and then go on an adventure. And he is handsome and trained in smart technology. We were among the first to feel the spirit of the "huge giant" establishment, test the Skoda Superb Combi on the roads of Italy.

Space games

Spaciousness, practicality and safety. The first words that come to mind after a few hundred kilometers drove the Skoda Superb Combi. Slim chiseled shapes and straight lines on the sides of the mask outside the space in the cabin and trunk, and a decent length of more body than 4.8 m. The search for the fifth dimension was successful. Like a noble ship, this beautiful estate can cruise through narrow streets gleaming with chrome and LED headlights and hide in its bowels everything that can be useful on the way and even more.

This is not just a giant, as the Czechs call it. In Italy, against the backdrop of endless Fiat 500 and SMART is Gulliver, who ended up in the land of Lilliputians.

Fifth Dimension. Test Skoda Superb Combi

The question is how to cope with such an assembly in a city that disappeared in the first minutes of a trip through the narrow streets of cozy towns in northern Italy, not far from Lake Maggiore. There, drivers manage to pass on the roads with trucks and buses in places where, it would seem, not in advance, but one of the members of the movement. Sitting behind the wheel of a truck doesn’t care that you might be scared. We can only believe in our strength, pull to the right and move forward.

And then a great combination to demonstrate the wonders of resourcefulness and dexterity. A comfortable steering wheel allows you to quickly react and deviate from potential threats to your side mirrors and the car is deftly pressed to its side. Specialists, if necessary, will tell you where to expect unwanted adventures. The same goes for the city’s stone bridge – here, big cars are still favorably located in the corners, and the site of avestruces, you can pass them with a calm heart, without fear of getting scratches on the wings.

By the way, for this part of the way we have a version on a 6-speed “handle". Her work, especially in traffic jams, when you need to react quickly, and the drivers, behind, do not hesitate to support you even in strong drafts. The ability to “roll back” is simply unacceptable.

The dimensions “suffice” almost immediately, and when parking, the long nose of the car will not dangerously protrude from the series. The rear camera helps, which will give the optimal trajectory and warn of danger.

Fifth Dimension. Test Skoda Superb Combi

All in all, these dimensions allow the versatility to offer a wide comfortable seat for the rider in front, space for rear passengers and the ability to fit into the trunk with a volume of 619 liters even with heavy loads.
The rear seats can be folded down the right side of the trunk, then the space will increase to 1909 liters – at least lay out the whole country of midgets here.

If there is a need to translate something for a long time, you can also fold the front passenger seat. In this case, the car can accommodate a load 3.1 m long. I have a load of this size was not available, but I “swallowed” two large suitcases in the trunk and did not even notice. The trunk has a raised floor with which you can organize and divide the space for different types of luggage. Under the sliding curtain is the clothing shelf.

If you invest in options, open the tailgate by simply moving your foot under the rear bumper, the level swing doors can also be customized. Yes, everything is wise and simple, not without it.

And the speed of the load

Paired with a six-speed “mechanics”, we were offered a 1.4 TSI 150 hp engine for testing. with. – This version will only be available with front-wheel drive. Obviously, in urban areas, where moving at a speed of more than 50 km / h is fraught with the loss of several tens of euros, this power was more than enough. On narrow roads, such Skoda Combi-class equipment also behaves smartly and is not boring. With an almost empty trunk and only a couple of traction engine riders, these freaks are enough for everyone.

Fifth Dimension. Test Skoda Superb Combi

But on the track, where you can accelerate to 130 km / h, the giant, it seems, is no longer so briskly and overtaking at high speeds is not without difficulty.

What happens if you load a full passenger compartment and maximize the use of trunk space? Although, of course, in this case, the driver is unlikely to pull on exploits and this power is enough for the eyes. But if you change versions where there is 220 horsepower under the hood, a turbocharged engine, and a 6-speed DSG is paired with it, the difference becomes so obvious that I don’t want to change the car. Kombi noticeably picked up speed, and the road turns into a real pleasure. And if you’re lucky, and on the sides with great views, you can open the sunroof, letting in more light and fresh air, and press the gas pedal… if you get too carried away, the Travel Assist package Traffic Sign Recognition traffic sign recognition that will remind you of road signs and warn you if you have exceeded the speed limit. By the way, fully equipped with a 2-liter TSI with a capacity of 280 hp. with. equipped with all-wheel drive.

Cretin on the road

Fifth Dimension. Test Skoda Superb Combi

In addition, beautiful faces and spaciousness Gulliver from the Czech Republic can show smart tricks for all occasions. They will help if you are stuck in a traffic jam or if you suddenly start to fall asleep while driving. So, for the first time in the basic excellent combination, an emergency braking system appeared, which includes an electronic stability control system (ECU). It will work if the vehicle collides with an obstacle and is designed to prevent further uncontrolled movement of the vehicle.

With the Front Assist option you can set the distance from the moving vehicle. It works in conjunction with the City Emergency Brake function, which in turn warns the driver of a possible collision when driving at a speed of 5 to 210 km / h in case of danger and the driver does not react, the system will turn on the “emergency flasher” and suppresses their own. Another useful additional option is the strip lane strip, which will not allow the car to go into its lane and will pull up, giving you its number.

Fifth Dimension. Test Skoda Superb Combi

In general, armed with this set, you can safely give up control in the combi oven if you were on the way with thousands of vacationers. The only condition is that your hands must be on the steering wheel.

In practice, this is the case. At speeds up to 34 km/h, the Combi can safely walk, keep its distance from a moving car, the track and brake when danger arises. If you release the steering wheel, then after 15 seconds, the Combi will make a long squeak. Even after 15 more. The third time the car will tapelike more intensely and starts to slow down. However, he will continue to occupy his lane. If you are distracted or asleep, then the combination will do everything to attract attention and stop the driver.

Without localization, but it’s safe

Recently, new items from Skoda have always been awaited with special interest. The company successfully conducts local production at the plant in Kaluga and firmly holds its positions in sales in the first echelon of car brands. And given the many years of support for the Ice Hockey World Championship and the love of many users for this sport, the brand has secured a very positive perception for itself.

The economic crisis forced Skoda to adjust its plans to launch new products, and the new Fabia still outperformed our market. But the new head of the brand has recently continued the aggressive policy in full and, apparently, everyone is hoping to enter the market of part of the pent-up demand.

While production of the SuperbCombi is bypassing the Kaluga batch, this means that there are no golovanovsky sales plans for this model. On the other hand, introducing the next model, the Czechs seemed to be saying that the market is ready for new investments and the struggle in all segments, and customers – to make sure that when the actual market prices do not lose heart.

Fifth Dimension. Test Skoda Superb CombiFifth Dimension. Test Skoda Superb Combi
Fifth Dimension. Test Skoda Superb Combi

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