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👍Touring Sports? Reliable Japanese, 10AT and 4×4! 3.4 l/100km


I think that it has long been no secret to anyone that now cars in many ways are entirely the creations of marketers. They define almost every aspect of the modern car, without giving freedom to engineers and not only. Therefore, today the choice of a car comes down to a list of options – rather than technical solutions …

It seems to me that it is precisely because of this policy that many continue to choose Japanese cars. After all, they once proved themselves – as a very reliable means of transportation. And today they do not offer, for the most part, anything that could call this parameter into question. Atmospheric engines, familiar gearboxes, everything remains so for years …

But personally, because of this, I’m not very flattering about Toyota. After all, while everyone is starting to install turbo engines and raise the efficiency of their gearboxes to unprecedented results, everything remains the same in Toyota. Yes, and with all-wheel drive systems for crossovers, it also does not stick. Imitations don’t work very well…

But today we are talking about the C-class station wagon, where this is not so important. There are other aspects here, and in the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports they are excellent. Starting with the design, which is just great. This is not a boring sedan, it is a harmonious and very interesting station wagon. Moreover, there is a version with an off-road Trek body kit that complements the image …

Quite a classic situation for engines with transmission. The station wagon is available with a 1.2-liter turbo four that produces 116 hp. and 185 N•m. It is combined with a six-speed "mechanics". There are also hybrid power plants with a capacity of 122 and 180 forces. They include aspirated 1.8 (98 hp) and 2.0 (153 hp) and a 53 kW (72 hp) electric motor with a CVT. Moreover, for the version with the 1.8 engine, the average consumption is declared at the level of 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers!

It is worth paying tribute to the layout of the space inside. The rows of seats are spaced 928mm apart (which promises plenty of room for passengers). Trunk volume is decent – 598 liters according to the VDA standard. And this wonderful almost full-length panoramic roof adds a lot of light!

By the way, back to the technical part for a second. We talked about a 1.2-liter turbo engine. It can be combined with Super CVT-i and it is he who is able to simulate ten gears, as in a conventional machine, and besides, with this engine, the car can be equipped with all-wheel drive!

In the Track version, they promise an increase in ground clearance by 20 mm. But the only problem is that the base value for the station wagon is 135 mm. As I already mentioned, there will also be a body kit made of unpainted plastic in a circle and other 17-inch wheels.

Safety is also important:

  • automatic braking with detection of pedestrians and cyclists
  • markup tracking
  • lane assistant
  • dynamic radar cruise control
  • automatic high beam switching
  • seven airbags
  • mirror blind spot control


Post source: wekauto.ru

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