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3 forgotten SUVs – Which you can now buy at the price of Niva


Hello car enthusiasts! I continue to find interesting and affordable cars for you in the secondary market. Today we recall 3 real SUVs, which few people remember anymore, because now they are sold as ordinary crossovers.

But, the beauty is that you can buy them at the price of Niva. You will get a real SUV with a frame structure, which, by the way, is not in our Niva. I tell for educational purposes, I do not impose on anyone.

3 frame SUVs

Kia Sportage 1st generation

Does anyone even remember that the Sportage was originally a real SUV with a frame? I think not many, but this is an ideal alternative for the Niva. The first generation of the popular Korean came out in 1993 and was sold until 2006.

Therefore, in the secondary market you can find not so old cars. The first Sportage had a frame body structure, an all-wheel drive transmission with a rigid connection of the front axle and a reduction gear. Plus, the Korean is not only in off-road qualities, he also has economical Japanese engines from Mazda.

3 forgotten SUVs - Which you can now buy at the price of Niva

A 2.0-liter petrol with a capacity of 128 hp and a 2.0-liter diesel with a capacity of 83 hp, both were paired with a mechanic or automatic. For recently, the first Kia Sportage was assembled at the Kaliningrad plant. On the secondary, it is better to look at the year 2006, the price is 400-600 tr

Mitsubishi Pajero 2nd generation

3 forgotten SUVs - Which you can now buy at the price of Niva

The current 4th generation Mitsubishi Pajero, which has been on sale since 2006, is not a full-fledged SUV. It belongs to comfortable crossovers with a load-bearing body. The only thing in Pajero’s arsenal is the Super Select all-wheel drive system.

But since the first generation, which was released in 1982, Pajero was a real jeep, could go through serious off-road and participate in off-road competitions.

3 forgotten SUVs - Which you can now buy at the price of Niva

In his arsenal was a frame body, a transfer case with 4 drive modes, a reduction gear and differential locks. In the secondary market, instead of the Niva, I would choose the 2nd generation, because starting from the 3rd generation, the Pajero received a load-bearing body. Price 400-600 tr.

Kia Sorento first generation

Yes, the Korean Sorento was also once a real SUV with a frame body structure. This continued until 2011, until the Sorento received the second generation and a monocoque body. The first generation began to be produced in 2002, it was originally assembled in South Korea.

3 forgotten SUVs - Which you can now buy at the price of Niva

Since 2007, assembly began in Izhevsk. Sorento was not only a frame SUV with all the consequences, but also a comfortable car with rich equipment. There were versions for 5 or 7 seats. In the secondary market, you can find versions of 2010-2011 in good condition, the price is 600 thousand – 1 million rubles.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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