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Baojun ShS-6 2019 – another new Baojun… now a liftback


Liftback Baojun RK-6 (Baojun RK-6) officially introduced in China on July 11, 2019 and will be the third model of the Chinese brand, built on a modular platform with a transverse engine and fully independent suspension on all wheels, then the crossover Baojun RS-5 and compact van Baojun RM-5. Thus, the Baojun brand, originally developed by General Motors and SAIC, to promote low-cost cars in the Chinese market, opening up new, more expensive segments. The new large liftback Baojun RU-6 pozitsioniruetsya as a more affordable alternative to the version of the German coupe-shaped crossover BMW X4.

Price and configuration Baojun RC-6

The cross liftback… it’s something new, but it basically looks like a new model of a Chinese car brand. Production of the Baojun SHS-6 sedan was launched in China in July 2019. The price of a large 5-door version with a total body length of 4.9 m, a 147-horsepower turbocharged engine and rich equipment (which is just a couple of 12.3-inch displays, a touch-sensitive climate control unit and leather seat trim) will range from 85 to 90 thousand yuan (780-825 thousand conventional units).

Baojun ShS-6 2019 - another new Baojun... now a liftback

Looking at the official photos of the Baojun PK-6 and researching the characteristics of the new Chinese car, it is clear that the new product literally stands on the border of classes and the junction of genres. Such a symbiosis of a large sedan, a stylish sedan with a coupe-shaped roof and a crossover with a plastic body kit along the lower perimeter of the body, 18-inch wheels and a ground clearance of 191 mm.

The external dimensions of the Baojun RK-6 2019-2020 body are 4925 mm long, 1880 mm wide and 1580 mm high with a wheelbase of 2800 mm.

Now I understand why the creators of the new compare Baojun RC-6 with BMW X4. We have a large and stylish car with a bright and original appearance. The Arsenal has a solid and strict front, an ideal profile body and a powerful stern. Complementing the portrait is a huge grille with a three-dimensional pattern, neat headlights with small sections of LED daytime running lights, round wheel arch cutouts, large doors, stylish LED taillights and an impressive fifth door.

Baojun ShS-6 2019 - another new Baojun... now a liftback

The interior of the new Baojun Chinese RC-6 sedan was clearly created with an eye on the interior design of the new Mercedes-Benz model. On the front under one canopy, two 12.3-inch color display. One is a virtual instrument panel, and the second is for the advanced advanced networking capabilities of the multimedia system. The Arsenal also features a stylish multi-function steering wheel, a sensor climate control unit, a powerful add-on to the central tunnel.

Baojun ShS-6 2019 - another new Baojun... now a liftback

The list of optional equipment for the Baojun RC-6 is very extensive and includes many options, some of which are clearly out of date – from the usual single-zone climate control and power windows on all doors with an automatic closing function only on the driver’s door. And some are simply vital for a modern car – these are adaptive cruise control, a car lane keeping system, tailgate power, a keyless entry system with a Start / Stop button, combined leather seat trim.

Baojun Specifications PDU-6

In technical terms, the new model of the baojun liftback brand in the RC-6 will exactly repeat the brothers of the Baojun RS-5 crossover platform and the Baojun RM-5 compact van, stylized as a crossover. There is a modular R platform, independent suspension of all wheels (McPherson struts are installed in front and a rear multi-link), disc brakes in a circle, electric power steering and standard front-wheel drive (an all-wheel drive transmission may be available in the future). In the engine compartment with a 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine (147 hp 230 Nm) with 6 manual transmissions or an optional 6 DCT robotic gearbox with two separate clutch discs.

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