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We looked at Haval Jolion in the salon, we share our impressions


We first talked about the prospects for the appearance of new Haval in our country in the summer of 2020. The saving news about the compact crossover came just in time for the first wave of rewritten prices, against which the affordable Chinese car was called by many the last hope of the budget class. Less than a year later, the first batch of "Jolion" was assembled at the brand factory in Tula, briskly transported to the salons and began to be sold. We talk about the important features of the novelty, and before that we recommend watching a short video with our impressions.

Prices and competitors

Haval Jolion’s main competitor is the all-time bestseller Hyundai Creta. His novelty will not move, but he can take part of the profit. The cost of the first generation of the Korean crossover starts at 1,147,000 conventional units, Jolion was estimated at least at 1,259,000 for the only mono drive available so far.

We looked at Haval Jolion in the salon, we share our impressions

It seems that there is no benefit, but the Jolion is larger, better equipped and more modern in all respects. The new Creta costs from 1,199,000 conventional units. In addition to a different appearance, changes in it are hardly restyled, so again parity.

We looked at Haval Jolion in the salon, we share our impressions

The prettier Renault Duster is more than 200 thousand cheaper, but smaller in interior and poorer in options. His buyers are from the class of practitioners who are not used to love for the beautiful lines in the cabin, but more Jolyon for less money will suit them just fine. Two more “French" Kaptur and Arkana have prices within 100 thousand from the Chinese crossover. Such a difference is clearly not enough to keep those who look at its lights and headlights, the more large-looking “Arkana” is closer in the legs and shoulders of the rear passengers, despite the fact that its wheelbase is 21 mm longer (2721 mm). Škoda Karoq is smaller and significantly more expensive – from 1,565,000 conventional units for the simplest configuration. The Geely Coolray has the same story, the price tag of which starts from 1,376,990 conventional units. It is drawn no worse, but more compact. Here, as they say in car transmissions, it’s a matter of taste for everyone.

We looked at Haval Jolion in the salon, we share our impressions

Compared to classmates in the B-segment, the 4.4-meter Jolion has a decent head start. It is more correct to compare it with larger cars, like the Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage, but then only the price and, perhaps, the appearance for which we love will remain in defense of the Chinese cross-compact.

Comfort for everyone

When you first meet the Jolion, you are overcome by a strange sense of novelty, which you do not expect in a Chinese car. First, you admit to yourself, then you tell others that the time of eclecticism has finally passed, having rid cars of the Celestial Empire of allusions and comparisons. Now they have everything of their own, even trendy things like a controller puck and a “two-story” front panel are made in their own way.

We looked at Haval Jolion in the salon, we share our impressions

Outside, there is a lot of chrome on the complex lines of the body, halogen headlights in the basic version and LED from the second in a row. Clearance, as they say in the brochures, 190 mm, in appearance – "sufficient". Motor protection is plastic. The extension along the edge of the hood is not full length and will probably let dust through.

We looked at Haval Jolion in the salon, we share our impressions

Doors do not close thresholds, which is a pity. The keyless entry button is on the driver’s door only. Thank you for having it in the bare minimum.

We looked at Haval Jolion in the salon, we share our impressions

The chairs are well tailored and seem to fit any texture. There is lateral support, the pillows are long. There are electric drives, though in the top, but heating is in the list of basic options. Steering wheel with tides in the right places of optimal thickness. There is no adjustment of the column for reach, but thanks to a comfortable fit, you pay attention to this once and then forget it.

We looked at Haval Jolion in the salon, we share our impressions

Сзади у Haval Jolion много места во всех направлениях и как раз это важный аргумент в пользу «семейности» автомобиля по сравнению с конкурентами. У моноприводных моделей «горба» в ногах нет, у полноприводных он тоже незаметен.

Багажник чуть больше 300 литров, но вживую выглядит больше. Задний диван складывается без ступеньки (тогда он больше 1100 литров), есть крючки для сумок, под фальшполом докатка.

Технологичная достаточность

Экраны приборной панели и мультимедиа необычно сочные и остаются яркими даже на солнце. Темы со стрелками можно менять на выбор, читается хорошо.

We looked at Haval Jolion in the salon, we share our impressions

The diagonal of the top multimedia is 12.3 inches (10.25 in the basic version and analog devices in front of the steering wheel). Reactions to touch are instant, you don’t need to “press” more than necessary. The menu itself is translated neatly, but the logic sometimes drives into a stupor. Several popular options are hidden deeper than others that are less often mentioned. The multimedia spinner can be rotated endlessly, it has no stops, and this is a bit unusual. The climate unit has no physical knobs, instead of them touch buttons under a thick layer of varnish that reflects the sky. The blowing force is controlled by a finger across the screen. A little earlier, a similar system appeared in the new Octavia.

Separate words of gratitude for the high-quality sound, which all auto journalists walked with compliments, and cameras with a detailed picture. There is a projection, scanning of road signs and an autopilot that knows how to get out of tight pockets – a rarity for the class! The average configuration has 6 airbags (the base car has 2), which is also good.

We looked at Haval Jolion in the salon, we share our impressions

Of the convenient little things, fast charging, which has become the norm, there are enough USB connectors, a niche for the phone where you can put it sideways. I wonder why manufacturers didn’t know about this before?..

Opinions about Haval Julion

The history of "Jolion" in our country has just begun, and already I want to throw my skepticism into the spacious back row of the most accessible "Haveil". There is a task!

We looked at Haval Jolion in the salon, we share our impressions

Firstly, the formula “a lot of car for little money” works flawlessly for us, and a large crossover is just one of those – with a large interior, good music, different security systems and cheaper than others. Secondly, the novelty looks original. She does not want to attribute the resemblance to someone from the brands of the old world, blaming it. On the contrary, Jolion has its own face, starting the era of new Chinese cars, albeit with the help of outside designers.

As for reliability, time will add up its statistics, but we predict in advance trouble-free operation without obvious gaps in the technical part.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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