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Five reasons to switch from an SUV to a pickup truck


Advertising in ZenToyota Hilux has long reigned in the pickup segment. But the updated model, which has appeared in showrooms since August 20, turned out to be super-hot. She is able to make even those who did not even consider a pickup truck as a class make a choice. And here are five reasons why this is so:

Appearance – top and will go everywhere

The new Hilux looks unparalleled cool. Massive, brutal – finally, among the pickups there was such! Huge safety grill surrounded by aggressive headlights. Powerful bumper. Swinged arches. Looks like he eats cars for breakfast. It rises above the neighbors downstream, in the parking lot, in the class of SUVs. At the same time, this is not a cheap tuning, the appearance does not prevent him from having the same fantastic cross-country ability. The car still has a ground clearance of 227mm and short front and rear overhangs. The approach angle is 31 degrees, and the rear departure angle is slightly less – 25 degrees. Looks cool, rides even better – where’s the catch? Read on!

Five reasons to switch from an SUV to a pickup truck

Became more comfortable and faster

Previously, driving an empty pickup truck was not very comfortable – it was quite tough. But the engineers took into account the wishes and reconfigured the springs and dampers in the front suspension. And introduced new rubber elements in the rear suspension. Now you can forget about vibrations and squeaks, and handling has also increased. The new Hilux received a new power steering pump from the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. It works in variable mode depending on speed and load. This allows you to save fuel and get better maneuverability and controllability at any speed.

The improved 2.8 liter diesel engine is a whole new story under the hood. Him:

— New turbine and higher pressure in the fuel rail;

– 23 hp more, and the total power is 200 hp;

– the moment increased by 50 Nm, up to 500 Nm;

– reduced fuel consumption, up to 8 liters per 100 km;

– the acceleration of the car has become more dynamic, 10 seconds to 100 km / h.

That is, the new car is no longer inferior to cars or crossovers in anything. And that’s why.

Five reasons to switch from an SUV to a pickup truck

Equipment at the level of premium passenger cars

Gone are the days when pickups were trucks. Now, in terms of equipment, they are ahead of many cars. For example, the new Hilux has an 8-inch infotainment system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto support. With it, you can listen to music in high definition. Another new Hilux boasts options such as:

— LED foglights;

— Front and rear parking sensors;

– 4.2-inch color information display on the instrument panel;

– 17-inch alloy wheels;

— full winter package;

– refrigerated glove box.

With all this, the owner has a full-fledged five-seater saloon, as well as a cargo platform with a load capacity of 880 kilograms, off-road tires and a reliable all-wheel drive transmission. With this set, you can go on any trip around recently and the surrounding area, and you won’t get lost in any city. And with the Toyota Hilux in the Black Onyx version, you can even become a city landmark. About her below.

Five reasons to switch from an SUV to a pickup truck

Impressive even without tuning

For those who want to make the best impression without wasting time on retrofitting and tuning, the top-end Black Onyx version is for you. This is a special equipment that combines the unique appearance and equipment of premium SUVs.

Outwardly, it is distinguished by a different bumper and an even more aggressive grille, darkened headlights, lamps and wheels with 265/60 R18 tires, as well as arch extensions. Inside, the owner is waiting for a two-tone leather interior, dark ceiling trim and soft LED lighting. And the whole list of its unique options includes:

— Fully LED optics and running lights;

– climate control;

— Automatic windows;

— Electrically adjustable driver’s seat in 6 directions;

— intelligent car access system Smart Entry;

— Keyless entry and engine start Smart Entry & Push Start;

– hill descent assistance system (DAC);

— Automatic self-locking rear differential Auto-LSD;

– a special screen of the multimedia system and the original design of the instrument panel;

— navigation with maps in Russian.

Five reasons to switch from an SUV to a pickup truck


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