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Lada Vesta will soon be discontinued. She became worse than Grant


In the very near future, the restyled Lada Vesta is expected to enter the Russian market. Its prototypes in camouflage appeared even in Moscow. Previously, they met only on the roads of Togliatti. However, a growing body of evidence indicates that this model does not last long.

If nothing changes in Renault-Nissan’s plans, then the restyled car can only last in production until 2025-2026.

The reason for the unpromising development of the Vesta platform

The other day, AvtoVAZ explained why they consider the development of their own Vesta platform and the total transition to the CMF-B / LS platform of the Renault-Nissan concern to be unpromising. An article was posted that talked about the development of its own Lada B / C platform. It was used on Lada Vesta and is absolutely not economically feasible.

This is followed by a verbatim quote: “The own Lada B / S platform, on which the Vesta family was created, was already initially unified in some elements with the Renault platform of the previous generation."

In addition, the technical characteristics of AvtoVAZ’s own platform do not allow its use to create crossovers and SUVs. The electronic architecture does not allow the introduction of elements of telematics, active safety, such as active cruise control, automatic braking, recognition of markings and road signs, and so on.

They will become mandatory for all vehicles in the current market in the near future. Refining the Vesta platform for these purposes would take several years and require large investments, significantly higher than those required for the transition to the Renault development platform.

What is the state of the automotive market lately today

According to AvtoVAZ management, the current state of the current automotive market and forecasts for its development make this project ineffective due to the lack of scaling effects even in the medium term.

And given that Renault-Nissan is currently the main shareholder of AvtoVAZ, they have no interest in investing in refining the old platform, given that they have already invested in the development of their own. So now AvtoVAZ’s own developments will really have to be abandoned.

It was recently reported that by 2025, absolutely all models that are not built on the basis of the CMF platform should be removed from production.

However, quite recently a message came that they would still leave the old Grant. It will only be transferred to another branch of the pipeline, since it is not possible to create it on the CMF platform with the same available analogue. X-ray is unlikely to be a pity for anyone, because the demand for this car has been falling catastrophically in recent years. Finished off the model of the appearance of Vesta in the station wagon a couple of years ago.

New car models

As for the current Largus, built on the basis of the first generation Logan, a completely new model should come. Such a machine can get an extended wheelbase, and hence a seven-seater version.

According to the same Volga automaker, by 2025 AvtoVAZ plans to release 4 new models on the new platform. In addition to the new Granta and next-generation Niva, it should be a new large C-class crossover and another unnamed new model.

To implement this project, AvtoVAZ has invested more than 8 billion conventional units in the development of engineering over the past three years.

These funds were spent on staff training and the construction of new unique laboratories in Tolyatti and new special roads for fine-tuning and testing cars at the site in the village of Sosnovka.

AvtoVAZ already has experience in finalizing old platforms. And take at least an example of the development of X-ray based on B0. The main engines for VAZ models on the CMF-B / LS platform should be their own engines of 1.6 and 1.8 liters.

AvtoVAZ has already upgraded its eight-valve. From now on, it produces 90 horsepower and higher torque, most of which is already available from 1000 rpm. At the same time, according to its characteristics, it came close to the 16-valve.

In the near future, this version of the engine should also be upgraded. At the moment, this motor develops a fairly small power – 106 horsepower.

However, in the future, its traction characteristics should be improved. The same applies to the 1.8 engine. Its power should be increased to 136 horsepower. In addition, he should get two phase shifters instead of one and an inlet receiver with variable geometry.

In combination with this engine, a six-speed Renault brand mechanics should be installed on the Lada. But all these measures should greatly increase the competitiveness of products and help overcome not only German and Korean competitors, but also the Chinese who are advancing on our market.

In general, modern Lada models, primarily Vesta, are still not inferior to competitors in terms of such parameters as handling, noise isolation and passive safety. However, for full priority with analogues, it is really necessary to have new, more powerful engines, as well as equipping machines with modern electronics.

The restyled Lada Vesta should get a modern multimedia system with a large vertical tablet. Her photos have also recently surfaced online.

It must be admitted that if competitors do not respond with a symmetrical step, then AvtoVAZ will be the leader in this area among B-class cars in the next few years.


Post source: wekauto.ru

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