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Types of motorcycles


Motorcycles are quite diverse, perhaps there are much more of them than types of cars. In general, motorcycles are divided into two large subgroups – road and off-road. The meaning, I think, is clear. There are also motorcycles produced for children, which in turn are divided into mini-motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and children’s all-terrain vehicles.

Types of motorcycles

"Adult" machines are divided into the following types.

have an elongated base, a large number of chrome parts, a long fork, a huge V-shaped engine. There are also deep wings.

The English word "cruiser" is translated as "cruiser". These motorcycles have a low saddle, vertical landing with footpegs that are brought forward. The unit has a lot of chrome parts, it has a decent weight and limited maneuverability. Cruisers are not designed for high-speed traffic or cross-country driving. Usually they are not very powerful. However, these bikes are equipped with a motor that has a lot of torque at low revs, and makes a heart-rending growl.

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These are motorcycles that are made to order (which is why they are called so, from the English word custom). As a rule, such an instance no longer exists, it is unique, like the parts from which it is assembled. These machines are sometimes not very convenient to use, but they are valued not for driving performance, but for aesthetic reasons.

These are special vehicles with uprated engines, large wheels and a high steering wheel. In the United States, this type of motorcycle is very popular for short distance competition.

Standard motorcycles with a traditional layout. Most of them have telescopic forks, rear suspension with two shock absorbers and a round headlight. Usually the driver assumes a straight posture when landing. There is almost no wind protection on a motorcycle. An example is the Honda CB400 Super Four.

Neoclassical look
Almost the same as classic motorcycles, but with an inverted fork, rectangular or ellipsoidal headlight and single shock absorber. There are no fairings, the pilot’s landing is straight.

These machines are mainly used in cross-country sports competitions. Very often, these motorcycles are equipped with two-stroke engines. They are characterized by a very reliable long-travel suspension, a powerful engine, a strong frame and light weight. Very often they do not have lighting equipment; they start with a kick starter.

These miniature motorcycles are also called “minimotos" or “pocket bikes”. The motor is most often two-stroke, having a small volume and a chain drive. Despite the name, the car is capable of accelerating to 100 km / h. These motorcycles are often used in competitions at karting tracks.

Translated from English – "naked". These motorcycles are completely plastic-free. Serially produced by many manufacturers of automotive equipment. As a rule, these are sports bikes in which all the plastic is removed due to a fall. It is for this reason that pilots replace the standard headlight with a square or round one. Some people do tuning instead of headlights – some kind of face with lenses.

Pit bikes
are small crosses or motards. Used to improve driving skills, technically in many ways resemble motorcycles for cross-country.

Sport bikes
These bikes are specially prepared for circuit racing. The main thing is that they have the maximum ratio of mass to power. It is in these machines that all industrial innovations and cutting-edge technologies are introduced. Most of them are replicas of real racing cars.

Sometimes called supersports. Of the mass-produced units, they are the most powerful. Despite the fact that they are often more powerful than sportbikes, these motorcycles have a lot of weight and a fairly long wheelbase. On flat straight distances, they are capable of reaching speeds of 300 km / h.

Sports tourists
This is a kind of conglomerate of tourist and sports cars, a kind of station wagon. They inherited excellent handling, low weight and a fairly powerful engine from sportbikes. They have good wind protection, there is the possibility of tourist tuning. Great car for travel. However, they lack the comfort of real tourists and the speed of superbikes.

In fact, this is a sportbike with the plastic removed and a tuning muzzle with block headlights. Some breeders mass-produce them.

These are motorcycles with three wheels. Very often they are created by the hands of homegrown engineers. A frame is made around the old car motor, and the front part of the chopper is attached to it in front. On such a unit, you can hang a bunch of any additional equipment.

As a rule, these motorcycles for long-distance travel have increased comfort. They can be identified by their straight fit, plenty of panniers, excellent wind protection and a large tank. Probably one of the clearest examples is the Honda Gold Wing.

Types of motorcycles

Tourist enduro
A cross between motocross and touring motorcycles. It does not have such a cross-country ability as a crossover, but, nevertheless, it calmly moves along tracks without any pavement at all. It has excellent fall protection, a comfortable fit, a large tank and saddlebags.

These bikes can be considered a lightweight version of motocross machines. It differs from the latter by the presence of a mount for the license plate, light optics and a not so powerful engine.

These cars are designed for racing on ice. The design features are the absence of a gearbox, brakes, fairings and the presence of studded (up to 28 mm) rubber.

Also known as super motos. It looks like a motocross bike. However, unlike them and from the enduro, it has road tires. Used in urban traffic, on tracks and for stunts.

A mixture of a motorcycle and a car. It has increased cross-country ability, it is very good for hunting, in subsidiary farms.

Instead of a front wheel – a tractor-type caterpillar. Designed for driving on snow. Handles just like a normal motorcycle.

Scooters Small
motorcycles. Wheel diameter – from 8 to 14 inches. The engine size is usually 50 cu. see Manual transmission replaced with a V-belt type variator. Wind protection is very good, there are trunks.

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