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Tuning. Review in August 2019


Arkonik | Land Rover Defender front view

Tuning. Review in August 2019

Arkonik | Land Rover Defender Interior

Tuning. Review in August 2019

ST Mountune | Ford Fiesta front view

Tuning. Review in August 2019

ST Mountune | Ford Fiesta rear view

Tuning. Review in August 2019

Lister | Jaguar F-type convertible, front view

Tuning. Review in August 2019

Lister | Jaguar F-type convertible interior

Tuning. Review in August 2019

Novitec | 812 super speedy ferrari front view

Tuning. Review in August 2019

Novitec | 812 superfast rearview ferrari

Tuning. Review in August 2019

G-Power | BMW Z4 for rent in front

Tuning. Review in August 2019

G-engine power | BMW Z4 for rent

Tuning. Review in August 2019

Luma design | Audi B8 front

Tuning. Review in August 2019

Luma design | Audi B8 rear

Tuning. Review in August 2019

ABT Series | Audi SQ2 front view

Tuning. Review in August 2019

ABT series and Audi SQ2 rear view

Tuning. Review in August 2019

ABT Series | Lamborghini Urus front view

Tuning. Review in August 2019

ABT Series | Lamborghini Urus rear


Throughout his adult life, and this is more than 10 years, the English company Arkonik restores and updates the Land Rover defender – this is what its founders have a hobby. The company gives a six-month warranty for its products, and also promises the life of the client and his car, after modernization, having received the name of the defender Arkonik. The studio recently unveiled a new range of upgrades for the iconic SUV, curiously named Drogo, in reference to one of the characters in the Game of Thrones epic saga.

The car in question is a 1993 model D110 with a 9-seat body. The SUV’s interior is refined with plush leather, and the front seats are heated. Modern touches to the interior by making a touch screen display and rear view camera. However, this work was outside the vehicle and under its bottom.

Firstly, the studio specialists upgraded the suspension, increasing the ground clearance by 50 mm, and installed an excellent steering damper, neutralizing bumps on bumps when driving on the road. Under the front there was a powerful metal protection, and the new 18-inch wheels were "meaty" off-road tires. The engine and 5-speed manual transmission remained unchanged, except that they survived and now they are no different from the new units.

The appearance of the "legend" was updated grille with LED backlight and a powerful winch mounted on the front bumper. On the roof rack, in front of which there are five narrow diode headlights. And, of course, it was not without a branded tube, so that the defender can “breathe" while overcoming a water obstacle.


ST Ford Fiesta

British performance firm Mountune is Ford’s "court" tuning studio. With the revision of the cars of this brand, the company is over 35 years old, changing engines, brakes, suspensions and more. The company operates in Brentwood (England) and Los Angeles, and its products, thanks to the support of the Ford Automobile Company, retain the factory warranty. One of the last works of the studio was ST Ford Fiesta received a new configuration of the power unit.

So, the power boost package is a recalibration of the "brains" of the engine, that its influence is enhanced from 200 hp to 200 hp. with. and 290 Nm up to 225 hp. with. and 340 Nm. Thus, according to the representatives of the studio, the reactions to the fuel supply become more responsive. About the dynamics, it is reported that acceleration to “hundreds” has increased by more than half a second and is now less than 6, and acceleration from 50 to 100 km / h has decreased by 1.

Interestingly, the specified power is available to the driver on demand, but if it is not needed, the engine retains factory settings. The update is carried out using the smartphone application and the Bluetooth function in just a couple of minutes. Even in the violent version, according to company director David Moore, neither the resources, nor the safety, nor the reliability of the power supply suffer, since the engine has been tested in various operating conditions. But with the advent of the car did nothing. That this sporty hatchback is being revised by the company’s Mountune only reveals a modest plaque on its door.


Jaguar F-Type Convertible

Lister motor company from the British city of Blackburn has been working closely with Jaguar since 1957, when the Lister racing chassis was fitted with an engine and transmission from a well-known English brand. As for tuning, the company’s specialists have been doing this since 1987, and of course, it is not difficult to guess which car brands they use as a “donor”. The studio’s latest development to date is the Jaguar F-type convertible, which has received an impressive array of reforms.

Thanks to the efforts of the craftsmen, Lister received the most powerful open-top Jaguar in history. So, the engineers from Blackburn talk about the impact of the upgraded 5-liter compressor "eight" in 666 liters. with. and 976 Nm. For comparison: this indicator is the most powerful factory version of the SVR 575 hp. with. and 700 Nm, which allows you to accelerate to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 322 km / h. As for the Lister version, the studio will provide the following data: top speed is over 330 km/h, Acceleration to 100 km/h “in just three seconds.”

In addition to the transmission, the refinement of the suspension and brakes and the exhaust system. The change to the look of the car includes an all-new front bumper with huge air intakes and a splitter, a rear bumper with diffuser, flared rear wheel arches, a redesigned grille and branded rims in a variety of designs. The interior is sewn in accordance with the individual requirements of the customer, using skins from the best British Bulls. Only 10 copies will be made, so the lucky ones will get an exclusive one that is asking for £139,000.


Ferrari 812 Super Speedy

Novitec is based in the German city of Stetten, but its founder Wolfgang Hagedorn prefers to tune non-German cars: he attracted Italian supercars, especially Ferraris. The studio recently unveiled the 812 Ferrari super-fast and… for the second time. The first option is to change the appearance, shown a few months ago, looked pretty simple compared to the current instance.

If last time the sides remained intact, now the car has received wheel arch extensions, and added 7 cm in front and 14 cm on the rear panel. Due to this, the supercar began to look like pra-Semites. The front fenders received "gills", and the rear fenders and air intakes for cooling the brakes. The bumper with a huge "mouth" is a completely new and powerful splitter in the front. The hood has slotted holes to vent hot air away from the engine. There are other exhaust pipes in the "stern" that are larger than the factory copy, a diffuser, a fixed rear wing. All attachments are made from carbon fiber. In addition, Novitec decided to get rid of the standard wheels, replacing them with fake 21-inch front and 22-inch rear wheels.

The naturally aspirated 6.5-liter 12-cylinder engine, in factory shape, is boosted almost to its limits, but the studio mechanics have found a way to boost its performance a bit. Thus, the power increases from 800 to 840 hp. with., and the maximum torque increased from 718 to 751 Nm. As a result, acceleration to 100 km/h has been improved from 2.9 to 2.8 C, and the top speed has increased from 340 to 345 km/h. The suspension has been changed and received a set of shortened springs, the already meager ground clearance has decreased by 35 mm.


BMW Z4 car for rent

Atelier G Power, headquartered in Frankfurt, has proven to be one of the best "tuners" of BMW cars. Its founder Johan grams changed the first Bayern in 1971. But time goes by, and now with the record company, there are other brands of cars. However, this time the beloved brand G-Power decided not to change, presenting to the public an update for the latest BMW roadster Z4, which recently got on the conveyor.

One catch – the studio prefers to modify the M-versions of the models, and Z4, there are none and are not expected even in the long term. Therefore, the mechanics of Mr. power, on reflection, decided that it was necessary to make an alternative to the "Emka". No sooner said than done. The power of the 3-liter turbocharged engine has increased from 340 to 500 hp. with., Its maximum torque increased from 500 to 700 Nm. This was achieved by refining the engine control unit, modifying the Turbo and installing a more efficient intercooler, as well as replacing the standard sport catalytic converters.

After use, the roadster received supercar abilities. Its acceleration to "hundreds" has improved from 4.5 to 3.9, and the maximum speed stated that it exceeds 300 km / h, while the factory copy is electronically limited at around 250 km / h. But if suddenly one of the clients of 500 "horses" seems too much in the studio, they are ready to offer a capacity of 440 hp. with. and, if anything, I can also be content with “only” 408 liters. with. As for the look of the roadster, it is only updated with new 20-inch wheels with wide, low-profile tires.

Luma design

Audi B8

Design Lumma, located in Winterlingen, Germany, was officially founded in 2004, but its owners have been doing tuning since 1987, at first they just did it informally. Atelier’s famed setup of outrageous yet stylish aerodynamic body kits for premium car brands. But this time, according to many, the designers’ sense of style has changed. We are talking about tuning the Audi B8 coupe crossover.

In fact, the car already in the factory version looks very original and unusual. It would seem that there is no need to touch its appearance, but the Lumma studio decided otherwise and completely accepted the case: one “catch up” on the hood in the form of a medieval shield is worth something! The bumper received a bottom cover with an additional air intake on the side of the body, overhead thresholds appeared and the wheel arches received an expander with holes – supposedly for cooling the brakes.

The aft received a roof spoiler and a spoiler visor for the fifth door. The new rear bumper diffuser flaunts a pseudomonacidal, very strange crossover, as well as four sloping tailpipes. Feature instance tuning from the production model of the new 24-inch wheels with low profile tires. However, if this amount seems too extravagant to you, you can install "small" 22-inch "rollers". If necessary, Lumma offers to change the complete interior in accordance with the wishes of the customer, as well as increase the power of the power unit. However, the operation of the engine is not reported.

ABT Sportsline is not


The company ABT Sportsline is not considered the oldest tuning studio in the world. The fact that in 1896, Johann ABT opened a smithy in the German city of Kempten, where, of course, horseshoes are made, which could be called a manufacturer of tuning accessories. Fine-tuning of the company’s cars began much later – in 1960, although that was a very long time ago. The studio specializes in tuning products for Volkswagen, since there are plenty of brands under its wing. For example, Audi with its SQ2 compact crossover is very suitable for the craftsman from Kempten to demonstrate its capabilities.

While Audi didn’t decide whether or not to release a sport version of the RS Q2, the bus didn’t wait for the studios and added power to the "semi-sport" version of the SQ2. So if the stock 2-liter turbo engine develops 300 hp. with. and 400 Nm, after reprogramming his “brain”, the output was increased to 350 hp. with. and 440 Nm. As a result, the crossover sprint drops to "hundreds" by two tenths of a second. Do this exercise for 4.6 s 4.8 s from the factory setting. And after removing the electronic speed limiter, the maximum speed increases from 250 to 262 km / h.

He worked in the studio and on the appearance of the "little athlete". However, while a full aerodynamic body kit isn’t ready, Ed’s designers have been limited to fitting rims of various designs, either 19 or 20 inches. As for the demo, then I decided to paint it black, including the chrome parts of the grille, wheels and exhaust units. Only the gray lining on the rear bumper stands out.

ABT Sportsline is not

Lamborghini Urus

In parallel with the civilian car, the ABT Sportsline tuning studio was used to build a racing car that competed in the famous German DTM Touring Car Championship. However, the master from Kempten did not achieve much success in this area, but gained tremendous experience, which helps them in finalizing an ordinary car. The Lamborghini Urus crossover itself is very fast, but the specialists from ABT have made it even more energetic.

Of course, the studio’s main focus was the turbocharged 4-liter 8-cylinder engine in its most basic form of developing a serious 650 hp. with. and 850 Nm. After installing a new engine control unit, ABT engine management and a sports exhaust system, the power is 710 hp. with., and the maximum torque increased to 910 Nm. Accordingly, the dynamics have improved. So, acceleration to 100 km / h decreased from 3.6 to 3.4 s. About increasing the maximum speed, the results of Studio information, but in any case it should be above the factory 305 km / h (if, of course, the electronic limiter is removed).

ABT claims that each change to the power supply is done with the utmost care, including dynamometer testing, and provides a full warranty on its products. As for finalizing the design of the sports car concept, for some reason nothing has been done in this regard. In addition, there is no information about whether there will be a new aerodynamic body kit in the future. However, the Lamborghini Urus looks so stunning and extra embellishments are largely unnecessary.

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