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Reviews about Khaima M3


Here are the reviews of our readers and reviews of real owners about Khaima M3 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Chinese cars were sold recently in 2014, and it stopped being imported in 2016. What are the shortcomings and problems in the operation of the Chinese Haima m3 sedan, search and replacement of consumables and components. We compare competitors car in its class and price category. Latest vehicle reviews published at the top.

Our comment in the article about Jaime M3.

The Chinese Haima m3 sedan is an ordinary inexpensive car with its pros and cons. Affordable price, affordable spare parts, ease of maintenance. My satanic ran into almost 100,000. The first 50 thousand kilometers were delivered without any problems (filters, oil, pads), and then it began: tie rods and stabilizer struts, ball and top Opera, springs and amortizatori. Although, on the other hand, these are all consumables, and there were no serious problems with the car. The engine and gearbox work great, but the interior is already "singing", the body is covered with chips, and sometimes with mushrooms. Surprisingly not that the car is 5 years old.
August 7, 2019

Khaima M3 bought two years ago, and after two years of use, I can say the following: Yes, the noise is not very good, the stove is a bit noisy, but overall the car is very worthy. In this regard, everything else is a plus. Expensive warranty service, now I left with it and service the car myself. In principle, for the money I am very pleased with the car.
September 9, 2018

The car is not known, but new – I promised myself with these words, after buying Jaime M3. Bought it after World War II, which was rusting before our eyes. It is considered a sedan … I considered a lot, but settled on Jaime M3. Having visited the dealer, "China", where he is located, in addition, an option with a CVT was available. Resented only the country of origin, and enjoyed it. Test drive is not provided, a ride with the manager. As a result, over 500 thousand bought a new one with zero mileage. I took the usual package in a white combo, an internal affairs body, power steering, air conditioning, disc brakes, molding for 15, and other little things … strangely enough … they did not find a smell from ceramics in the cabin. Of dopov only signalization and crankcase. Heim’s design 3 Good, the interior looks good, there are many pockets inside, illuminated mirrors in the visors. The rear seats fold 40/60 proportionally, there is a folding armrest. The driver’s seat is height and tilt adjustable. On the box: the variator runs smoothly
it is like in “manual mode". Of course, the car dialed slowly to run, but after 5000 km of run it is used and does not notice. Disc brakes in a circle – if you need to stop abruptly, ABS is present. almost no body.The rear seats are quite comfortable and hardly shake.In
the middle of the back there is a folding armrest with cup holders and a small alcove.Dynamics are taken by quantity, but not by sound quality.Radio is not very neat.Neat, well combined, information is read normally, light intensity is regulated .Account runs a decent Condo (10-11 liters) without A / C no more than 9.
2017 August 28

An interesting device Khaim M3, noticed him in the cabin on Dmitrovka. Poking around in it then went for a test drive for more than an hour. I must say that the opinion is primary, since it won’t go to a long distance, and summer is just ahead, the car has been like a month for me at the moment, only a couple of stocks, which I noticed that there are more pluses.
“-” insulation is average, the trunk is small and covers a very large cycle must take care of things, low ground clearance, anti-lock brake front disc, rear left drum mechanisms.
“+” stylish design, large headlights, bright. A good view in the mirror, a spacious interior, the car is quite economical, and the consumption is not more than 10 liters, it accelerates smoothly, but I wanted the best. After a hundred, the car seems to become lighter and he begins to drive on the road, but quite nimble. To be honest, I would probably buy something else, but they don’t fit into the budget just like that.
February 28, 2016

Car Haima m3 cheerful, or rather very good. Operate it every day, never let me down. I have minimal equipment (more than standard), but everything is there for comfort.
Roomy interior, rear seat imposingly fit 2 car seats, most interestingly, for a pillow, the back sofa has special adaptations for them. The seat folds down and this space fits many needs, provided as part of the furniture and boxes. The front row is also comfortable, everything is at hand, wide mirrors, comfortable seats, plastic is pleasant to the touch, but there are some squeaks, I hope that they will be eliminated soon. Even the minimum set is worth the steering wheel controls, once again you don’t have to be distracted by the panel, a large number of storage compartments. A bit small ground clearance, but it just makes you be careful. External, space, everything is at the right level. As for other qualities, I will find out later. So far very satisfied.
February 24, 2015

Hello! Let’s start with the fact that my height is 198 cm, and it was a big problem for me to find a car (tall people will understand me). I’m looking for a car in the region of 500,000 conditional units. Reviewed many options, all to no avail. Even if they fit somewhere, when the back seat is completely, no one will sit with me. And so I got to Heim M3. The salon is just huge, I got behind the wheel, pushed the seat back, as far as I was very comfortable! Then I came back, and what do you think? I didn’t even touch the back of the front seat with my knees. Jaima M3 really impressed me and it really looks great and the fuel consumption is good. Other options are out of the question, I’ll take it.
October 2, 2014

In appearance, the Khaima M3 will give odds to many Europeans, it is clear that the engineers have worked hard. I wonder how she actually go to a car dealership a week to try.
September 29, 2014

Me Khaima M3 was attracted by its appearance. It is surprising that the Chinese can produce something similar. When I came for a test drive was even more surprised, the car is basically all right. I want to, I can’t, what else to say, and they didn’t find it. Good for the Chinese. In this way, Kia and Hyundai may be forced out in the near future.
August 26, 2014

Question, what is the wheel bolt pattern on Jaime m3?
August 7, 2014

A month and a half ago I bought Khaim m3. Equipment comfort 479,000 conditional units Mileage of almost 6000 km the car is on fire. Very satisfied with the purchase! With full responsibility, I declare that this is a comfortable, spacious, economical, high-quality, beautiful (in my opinion) car! The car has exceeded all my expectations. Good luck everyone!
August 6, 2014

Hello! For three months now I have been driving Khaim M3, before that I went to the Passat! What can I say – the car is good, there are small flaws, but this is a trifle compared to its appearance, the only significant minus is the rear suspension, it is very very difficult if no one is sitting in the back! Let’s go first what looked good yesterday. Bought in Ulyanovsk in the top configuration on the mechanics. When we do this, I went to the store there brought a new batch of Hime several configurations, the difference is 20,000 conditional units. A lot of things are missing in the standard, so it’s better to take comfort of course. Dealers say they don’t carry CVTs.
July 16, 2014

Recently visited the Mishar car dealership in Ulyanovsk, they offer Chinese-made cars, including Khaima. The m3 model immediately attracts attention – bright, stylish, something like koralu in the 11th version. The interior is made in two colors, it seems to be nothing superfluous, ergonomics are all in place, a decent panel will fit with a minimum gap, but the plastic is hard and top and bottom, door cards are too hard. I wonder how it will sound in a frozen old cabin in the winter is unknown. In general, Jaime M3 liked it and the price is very tasty. Unfortunately, he did not check on the go, he offered to come later, because the test car was registered with the traffic police.
July 14, 2014

Examined this creature in the salon and was pleasantly surprised. If the developers are also confused for filling, as for the exterior, Haima M3 will compete not only with Chinese and Russian cars. Remember Koreans!
June 24, 2014

It’s interesting… Max, write back how you skated Khaim’s M3 test drive. Che, I am also thinking about the Chinese automotive industry look. In appearance, the car is very personal)
May 26, 2014,

Compared to other Chinese cars Haima M3 looks more promising in every way. The design did not let us down, and the filling was optimal in terms of price / quality. Opens a test drive, be sure to find the time and go.
May 23, 2014

I follow the Chinese auto industry. I wanted to buy Emgrand, but the quality of the Circassian assembly discouraged all hunting. Having studied all the information about Jaime M3 decided to buy it. In my opinion the best deal for the money. Khaima M3 is not the Chery Amulet with which the Chinese auto industry is most associated. Chinese (yet) build a big plus. Switch to Mitsubishi Lancer, not Zhiguli.
May 17, 2014

Enjoy freedom 3 for the fourth year already and the car does not cause problems, mileage is 68 thousand. apart from filters and oil, nothing is required with the application. Part of it is no problem. I think Jaima M3 will be decent and competitive in its class, especially in terms of configuration and price.
April 26, 2014

This is interesting) for the first time launches a stylish youth car on the Russian market. Apparently, the “seven” is selling well. )) I can say the following: Very similar to the Opel Astra front end and to me, it looks more like a corolla, and the shape of the body and face. Yes, the Chinese are growing in terms of design. In general, of course, I would like to hear it in action on the highway and in the city, etc.
March 24, 2014

And I think that the M3 will be very interesting to compare with the Kia Rio. For my taste, in appearance they are one to one. Everything is cool in the salon at Khaim, but I would like to see it live. Comparing specifications – Rio with a 5-speed manual transmission and a 123 hp engine. with. This is about 100 thousand more than it would cost a slightly less powerful Haima and now I’m wondering if it’s worth paying extra money?
March 19, 2014

Well, if so "virtual" to compare the m3 with other Chinese Lifan Breeze for example, you can definitely say that the breeze is not suitable for a new product. The first Haima crossover clearly wins in appearance, it looks stylish and aggressive and looks like a Toyota, and the Breeze can be compared more with the Lada Granta, the same can be said about the interior. Then Khaima is powerful – 112 hp. with. against 106 from Lifan. But when compared with the Geely Emgrand sedan, it’s not easy to say that it’s very similar in appearance and filling, you need to understand the details.
March 11, 2014

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