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Tuning. February 2019 review


Wheelsandmore | 812 super speedy ferrari front view

Tuning. February 2019 review

Wheelsandmore | 812 super fast reversing Ferrari

Tuning. February 2019 review

Novitec | bonus cars Lamborghini Huracan front view

Tuning. February 2019 review

Novitec | bonus cars Lamborghini Huracan on the side

Tuning. February 2019 review

Brabus | Mercedes-AMG 63 g new front view

Tuning. February 2019 review

Brabus | Mercedes-AMG 63G new rear view

Tuning. February 2019 review

Brabus | Smart ForTwo Convertible Side View

Tuning. February 2019 review

Brabus | Smart ForTwo Convertible Back View

Tuning. February 2019 review

ABT Series | Audi A8 front

Tuning. February 2019 review

ABT Sportsline companies do not | Audi A8 side view

Tuning. February 2019 review

Fostla | Mercedes-AMG GT R front view

Tuning. February 2019 review

Fostla | Mercedes-AMG GT R rear view

Tuning. February 2019 review

AS Schnitzer | BMW X2 front

Tuning. February 2019 review

AS Schnitzer | BMW X2 rear view

Tuning. February 2019 review

G-engines Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG with front view

Tuning. February 2019 review

G-engines Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG with rear view

Tuning. February 2019 review

Carlex design | Mercedes-Benz X-class front

Tuning. February 2019 review

Carlex design | Mercedes-Benz X-class, side view

Tuning. February 2019 review

Manhart | BMW M850i ​​front view

Tuning. February 2019 review

Manhart | BMW M850i ​​rear view

Tuning. February 2019 review

Vilner | BMW M3 front view

Tuning. February 2019 review

Vilner | BMW M3 sedan

Tuning. February 2019 review

Arden | Jaguar F-type SVR front view

Tuning. February 2019 review

Arden | Jaguar F-type SVR rear view


Ferrari 812 Super Speedy

Atelier Wheelsandmore from the German city of Besweiler has been producing aerodynamic kits for cars since 1999. Their plants periodically go converted by Audi, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Maserati, McLaren, Range Rover and many others. Occasionally, however, Besweiler’s firm offers and technical changes. For example, this ultra-fast Ferrari 812 has been upgraded with more power and modified suspension.

It’s hard to imagine a Ferrari owner unhappy with their car, but if they are, they have Wheelsandmore offering two exhaust systems to choose from: stainless steel or chromium-nickel alloy. In both cases, it will increase to a 6.5-liter 12-cylinder engine with 20 hp. with. and 15 nm. This means that the engine increases power from 800 to 820 hp. with. and torque increased from 718 to 733 Nm. The growth is not too big – even the dynamic characteristics have not changed. So, after the update, the luxury car still accelerates to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 340 km / h. But the sound of the car was very different – much meaner and louder.

Suspension modification consists in installing stiffer and shorter springs, which reduce ground clearance by 30 mm. in addition, the studio says it is ready to combine these sources with an additional system to increase the clearance on the front axle, so that the car can drive over curbs. This time they have no changes in appearance, except for a pair of new cast or forged wheels, depending on the needs and wallet of the owner.


Bonus Cars Lamborghini Huracan

Perhaps Novitec is the most successful "closing" of the Italian supercars Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. And this is despite the fact that it is not based in Italy, and in Germany, in the city of Stetten, except for its founder Wolfgang Hagedorn – completely German. He just loves Italian cars and spends all his energy on improving them. And now, the sportiest version of the Lamborghini Huracan with the prefix of bonus cars in the title should have been born, as Novitec hastened to present a conversion kit for this car entry.

The new body kit is completely made of carbon fiber, imitating dark marble. In addition, all components of the kit have been optimized in the wind tunnel to ensure efficient air distribution. So, a new front spoiler, the installation of side bumper air intakes reduces lift at high speeds, and larger side vents on the sills improve rear brake cooling. The diffuser in the rear bumper has received additional components to remove air from below, and a huge rear wing is designed to download a stronger rear axle.

Of course, the car now has new rims measuring 20 inches at the front and 21 at the rear. In the suspension, the springs were replaced with shortened ones, making the already meager ground clearance decreased by 35 mm. Now the "speed bumps" need to go only obliquely – do not sit on the "belly". But the 10-cylinder, 630-horsepower V10 was left with nothing, except for a more aggressive-sounding stainless steel exhaust system. This is because the studio is in a hurry and modifying the power supply is simply not possible. Therefore, after some waiting time and more powerful engine.


Mercedes-AMG 63 g new

Brabus, whose name comes from the first parts of the surnames of founding fathers Klaus Brackmann and Bodo Buschmann, is the most famous tuning company in the world. She gained popularity thanks to the heavy-duty model built on the basis of Mercedes-Benz, which at one time set many speed records and got into the Guinness Book of Records. Thanks to its worldwide fame and vast experience, Brabus works directly with the "three-beam" brand, usually the first update for a model that has barely hit the assembly line. This happened with the latest Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and the upgrades were the most powerful modifications of the G 63 AMG.

Of course, the first craftsmen Bottrop took the engine. Thanks to their efforts, the power of the 4-liter turbocharged G8 increased from 585 to 700 hp. with., and the torque increased from 850 to 950 Nm. In the end, the heavy body-on-frame SUV learned to accelerate to “hundreds" in 4.3 seconds, which is 0.2 C less than the factory version. The speed limiter is activated at 240 km / h, suspension dismantling does not change. Handling should be improved by huge 23-inch platinum edition forged wheels with low-profile tires. It is necessary to add emotions and the original exhaust system, which has many interior configuration modes – from Quiet to very loud.

In addition to a more powerful engine, the Brabus 700 Widestar (as the car was named) received a "wide-body" body kit for the new wing to increase the width of the SUV by 10 cm, a front bumper with large air intakes and a hood trim with holes for cooling the power unit. The door sills are emblazoned with an LED in the studio’s logo, and "Stern" is emblazoned with a triple spoiler.


Smart ForTwo Convertible

By and large, calling a Brabus tuning studio is not. Since the company was officially an automaker, providing improved models of its own VIN code. And as a self-respecting manufacturer, Brabus gives a guarantee on its products. This Smart ForTwo Cabriolet in the modification is not "Brasovsky", but also the original "smartskey" and is sold to dealers.

This honor was awarded to the car, because, despite the changes, it fully complies with the quality standards of the Smart brand. The company claims Bottrop that the resource improved their power supply is not decreasing. But the small 3-cylinder 0.9-liter turbo engine was boosted quite seriously, and for the second time. If its power in the Brabus version was 109 hp. with., and much more plant with a capacity of 90 liters. s., now brought to 125 "horses". As a result, the convertible accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.2 seconds, up from 9.5 seconds before (compare from the factory to 11.7 seconds and is incorrect). The maximum speed has increased by 10 km / h, reaching 175 km / h, despite the fact that in smart traffic it cannot accelerate above 155 km / h.

Unlike the "simple", 109 liters. With., Brabus new modification will release only 125 copies, which will be offered in matte gray or black, diluted with contrasting black (with gray) or red (black) elements. In addition, the novelty features a stiffer sports suspension, lowered by 30 mm, and new wheels 16 inches in front and 17 in the rear. At the "stern" there is a pseudomonad diffuser with a "triple" exhaust.

ABT Sportsline is not

Audi A8

The company ABT Sportsline had no revision of the car in 1960. But if you trace the history of the ABT family, it turns out that in 1896, Johann ABT opened in the German city of Kempten, a forge, making horseshoes. That is, in fact, also participates in the setting. At the same time, AVT is one of the most successful closers of the Volkswagen group and is usually the first tuning company to show improvement of new products of various brands owned by the "owner" from Wolfsburg. So recently, the company showed a number of improvements for the new generation Audi A8 executive sedan.

With subtle touches, the Kempten-based designers have improved the look of the car, making it a bit more aggressive than the factory version. So, the front bumper received a neat splitter and the rear bumper flaunts a diffuser. There is a small spoiler on the trunk lid, although if you do not look, you may not notice (as well as a splitter with a diffuser). In short, these changes are so small that at first glance it seems that nothing has changed in the car. But the wheels immediately show that the car was in the AVT studio, the design of the brand discs is recognizable, and their size varies from 20 to 22 inches.

Has undergone modifications and transmission. About a 3 liter turbo diesel, in the basic version it develops 286 hp. with. and 600 Nm. According to him, the studio offers ABT an engine control unit, with the help of which the power increases to 330 hp. with., and the maximum torque increases to 650 Nm. This unit works with the original engine control unit, therefore, according to the company representatives, reliability does not suffer. After some time, they promise the appearance of power increase kits for other units.


Mercedes-AMG GT R

Fostla from Hannover has made a name for itself in the sale of colored films for car wrapping. But lately, IT specialists are increasingly presenting projects for complete tuning, and for a particular brand they do not spetsializiruyutsya, focusing on the refinement of machines of various brands. However, in the absence of their own capabilities, turn to other tuning studios for help. So modified, the Mercedes-AMG GT-R.

For the "wide-body" aerodynamic body kit answered the well-known company before the design. It has widened wheel arches, an aggressive front bumper with huge air intakes and a splitter, a rear bumper with race diffuser and a fixed rear wing with adjustable attack angle. The grill has also been replaced. But in 20-inch forged wheels, the general big specialist in this area is ADV.1. The suspension received new kW springs and disc spacers from H&P.

The power unit is also an upgrade, Fostla only this time is not reported who worked on it. However, before a permanent partner to increase power atelier PP-performance, and it is possible that even now he has his hand on the engine. In any case, the return of the 4-liter turbocharged engine increased from 585 to 659 hp. with. and the maximum torque has been increased from 700 to 800 Nm. In addition, he argued that in this way it is possible to update any modification from the AMG GT, including the original 476-horsepower, because it has, in fact, the same engine. It remains to be seen that the car brought itself to Fostla, except that the manufacturers of tuning components gathered. Of course, this film, which papered over the car.

AS Schnitzer


In the German city of Aachen, located firm AC Schnitzer in one of the oldest tuning studios. In 1964 Josef Schnitzer prepared the BMW 1800ti for racing. In fact, fine-tuning the Bavarian cars, the experts from Aachen in so far, your favorite brand, almost unchanged. So this time they showed a set of improvements for the coupe crossover BMW X2.

This is one of those cars that already looks great in standard form. Therefore, to make changes in appearance is only to spoil. But Schnitzer took the matter seriously, and his designers at least managed not to get hurt. So, the new "lip" under the front bumper not only stood up like a native, but also increases downforce, as it was studied in a wind tunnel. The stylish rear wing on the rear door also serves the same purpose. But the triangular plates at the corners of the side air intakes of the front bumper, which flaunts the company logo, aerodynamics have nothing in common, but look very stylish.

Look great and branded rims, which are offered in a variety of designs with a dimension of 19 or 20 inches. There are several types of springs for suspension, lowering the body from 20 to 35 mm, depending on the wishes of the owner. Finally, the power supply: the 2-liter turbodiesel has undergone refinement, the power of which has increased from 190 to 222 hp. with. (It is worth noting that the company provides a 5-year warranty for the electric motor). Those looking to improve the interior Schnitzer recommends installing new pedals and shift paddles made of aluminum, and the iDrive’s original interface controller.


Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG S

G-Power from Frankfurt was known as BMW’s "closer". Its founder Johan Grams became the Bavarians motif in 1971 and has since achieved significant success. Lately, however, the studios are all changing their favorite brand with their most principled rival, Mercedes-Benz. And now they were working on a machine with a three-pointed star on the emblem.

Interestingly, the tuning of the selected model has already been discontinued. Talk about the universal Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG from the previous generation. G-authorities believe that the potential of its 5.5-liter turbocharged "eight" is far from being exhausted, and show you what to do with it. Thus, the efforts of the mechanics from Frankfurt, the engine received a new turbine, a stainless steel exhaust system and, of course, a new control program. As a result, the power of the power unit increased from 585 to 800 hp. with. and the maximum torque increased from 800 to 1000 Nm.

Thanks to this, acceleration to 100 km / h has improved by 0.6 C, and now from 3.1 and 3.7 from the factory copy. And the maximum speed after removing the electronic limiter works at 250 km / h, according to the representatives of the city, the power reached 340 km / h with the advent of this “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, almost nothing was done to keep the secret of his true abilities. The attentive eye will notice only the new 20-inch “rollers” with low-profile tires of dimensions 245/30 in front and 285/25 in the rear. For everything about everything, the studio requires a little more than 23 thousand dollars.

Carlex design

Mercedes-Benz X-Class

Carlex Design is headquartered in Poland, while the company has offices in the Czech Republic, Germany and England. The main activity is the re-planning of car interiors to the most unusual wishes of the client. For this, Carlex Design even has its own jewelry store. However, recently the studio’s specialists have begun to deal with the exterior design, as evidenced by the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, has received a new name will always be there, the Monster X concept.

The concept of the word says that this is an experimental development. Apparently, because none of the owners of this model could come up with the idea of ​​such radical changes. Also, this copy only exists on the computer, but Carlex’s design promises that if there is even one order, it will be embodied in metal. Rather, metal and carbon fiber, like all body panels will be made of carbon fiber.

Interestingly, this is not the first time the company’s handling of the design of the company’s premium pickup truck. But if earlier it was limited to attachments to the body, now the Polish master has received it on the chassis and added to the axis of the third car. In addition, the truck received huge wheel arch extensions and many other body elements, turning it into a vehicle for other planets from science fiction films. In short, it is better to look at the photo than to list all the design features of this outrageous car. Of the technical equipment, only a retuned suspension and carbon-ceramic brakes are reported. No information about the power supply.


BMW M850i

Manhart from Wuppertal, Germany has more than 25 years of experience in tuning BMW cars. In addition, IT professionals prefer conventional models, and the most sporty M-series. One problem: the latest 8 Series coupe doesn’t have this version yet, except for the M package. However, for the masters from the studio, this was enough to build a competitor for the future Emke.

In general, if it is difficult for someone to wait for the M8 factory model, he can buy a modification of the M850i ​​and give it to the Manhart studio, which will work on his 4.4-liter turbo “eight”. After replacing the control program and installing a new exhaust system, the plant’s capacity will increase from 530 to 621 hp. sec., torque will increase from 750 to 870 Nm, and the name of the car will change to MH600. As is often the case, the studio did not announce how much the performance of the modified instance improved, but that it will exceed the factory from 3.7 seconds to "hundreds" and the maximum speed after removing the electronic limiter, which is fired at 250 km / h, will easily exceed "300 ‘ is beyond doubt.

Manhart mastered the coupe’s handling by lowering its center of gravity with shortened springs from H&R. Huge 21-inch wheels with super-speed rubber also contribute to fast cornering. In addition to the new wheels, the look of the car differs from the "donor" splitter on the front bumper, visor on the trunk lid and four large diameter exhaust pipes. Specific black and yellow color is attached.



The young Bulgarian company Vilner from Sofia is gradually becoming more and more famous. This is because her owner actually builds new cars based on different "donors", and often in a single copy. Needless to say, they cater to almost any customer’s fantasy. Also, the year of the car doesn’t matter. So, one of the latest works of the company was the BMW M3, released in 1990.

The car this time was chosen almost standard, although not from the base M3, and this very rare modification of the evolution II is a more aggressive aerodynamic "tail". From the “classic” factory, it is distinguished only by tinted headlights and other taillights, as well as large for this model 18-inch BBS wheels with a highlighted red logo – to match the body color of the Imola II Red.

But the most interesting is inside the sedan. So, for finishing the interior elements, an interesting retro style was chosen in a combination of tartan checkered fabric and leather. Plaid trimmed door panels, Sparco sport buckets covering the shifter, headlining, sun visors, glove box and rear shelf. The floor is adorned with metal rugs with "racing boots" written on them. Steering wheel from the famous "steering wheel" firm Momo with leather trim. The rear seat was thrown out as unnecessary, and a frame was installed.

And finally, a 2.3-liter “four” with a return of 200 hp was removed from under the hood. with. and 240 Nm, and in its place was hoisted a 3.2-liter in-line "six" from the next generation M3, developing 321 hp. with. and 350 Nm. Combined with a 5-speed manual transmission and only 1200kg curb weight, this small rear wheel drive car promises to be a real daredevil.


Jaguar F-type hea

Arden, a German company founded in 1972 by engineer Jochen Arden, reviewed car modifications in English. Leave the Jaguar, Bentley, mini and Land Rover with an updated exterior and modified technical stuffing from the gate studio. Thus, the Jaguar F UVO-type sports coupe was redesigned and turned into a real road monster.

However, in the form of a factory, this car impresses with its technical and dynamic performance. Its 5-liter supercharged V8 develops 575 hp. with. and 700 Nm. Thanks to such an engine, it accelerates the car to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds and allows you to reach a maximum speed of 322 km / h. But after the motor was in the hands of Arden minders, its power increased to 711 hp. with. and the maximum torque has increased to 873 Nm. As a result, the coupe was renamed as many as 23 SVR, the first "hundred" is gaining exactly 3 seconds. It is a pity that says nothing about the fact that the cost has reached its maximum rate, and it has undoubtedly risen significantly.

Understandably, such dynamics require more radical suspension tuning, and Arden Master also works by replacing the factory springs shortened, making for an already meager ground clearance of 30mm. As for the design, the car received a new front bumper with huge air intakes, brake vents in the rear bumper lining, a redesigned diffuser and new 21-inch forged wheels with low-profile rubber. All new aerodynamic elements made of carbon fiber.

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